Email marketing is one of the largest and most effective strategies to grow your online presence…
Email Marketing Email marketing is a term that sounds pretty simple, and is popular with nearly every business. But email marketing is much more than just sending a mass email promoting your product or event to every living soul in your inbox. In order for email marketing to be successful, you need to understand the most effective way to use it. Otherwise, it’s not only a waste of time, but it can also have negative consequences; if you’re doing it incorrectly you are probably annoying your customers.

Email marketing continues to be one of the most important Internet marketing tools. When done correctly, this inexpensive marketing strategy has the potential to greatly impact your business without investing too much of your time.

Our Email marketing allows you to generate traffic to your site by customized specials and information that is delivered straight to your inbox. It has a direct correlation to business sales, and offers many options for testing and improving your online marketing strategies.

Increasing your website’s rankings may not be the No. 1 priority of your email marketing campaign. It is, however, an added benefit and can greatly impact the success of your business.
Here are ways email marketing can grow your website rankings:
Links within your email marketing campaign take your readers directly to the website without having to remember the address for later. This is especially important for new leads added to your contact lists.

New leads may be interested in your product—they signed up to receive your newsletter—but they may not have been prompted to visit your website without receiving the email. Rather than depending on a new lead to remember your website address from outside marketing, your email hands them everything they may have forgotten to search for. Through these new leads, the number of new visitors to your site increases and so do your site rankings.
Call to action buttons encourage conversion events to take place.
Getting your email readers to click on and visit your website is the first step to increase the visitor count and site rankings. Encouraging them to click on and participate in conversion events keeps them engaged on your website. This is a hugely beneficial stage for site rankings because it shows continued activity and interest in your website beyond the homepage.

When a reader clicks on a button to “Register” or “Find out more” within your email, it will take them to the correlating page for that action or information source, as opposed to the homepage. This is a great way to offer sales, special offers and featured products, events or services.

Again, your leads and sales have a great potential to increase through these call to action buttons in the email and your website activity and increased rankings will correlate.